Digital Twin Technology For Effective Renewable Portfolio Management

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Renewable Energy
Direct, remote connections between inverters, loggers, weather data, SCADA, DAS, revenue grade meters, PV, solar, & wind for full visibility on every level.
Energy Utilizations
Our platform empowers and connects to a variety of energy uses, including storage batteries, EV charging stations, smart consumption meters, and more.
Our platform empowers and connects to a variety of energy uses, including storage batteries, EV charging stations, smart consumption meters, and more.
  • Vendor Data Acquisitions
  • Data Scrubbing
  • Digital Twin Technology
  • AI/ML Algorithms
  • Live Monitoring
Real-Time Alerts & Insights
Performance & Analysis
Financial & Maintenance Visibility
Reports & End User Interfaces
The Heart Of Our Technology
Under the hood
Direct Vendor Data Acquisitions
enSights seamlessly connects to your system for the fastest possible onboarding process, no hardware needed!
Data scrubbing
enSights detects and corrects any inaccurate or irrelevant data being pulled from your various systems, so only relevant information is utilized.
Digital twin technology
Discover the power of real-time visibility and accurate monitoring, using a virtual replica of your asset, thanks to enSight’s technology.
AI/ML Algorithms
Unlock actionable insights with the vast repository of collected historical, real-time data, and deep tech algorithms we’ve developed.
Live Monitoring
Enjoy a centralized monitoring environment that automatically collects and analyzes data on all your renewable energy assets, in real-time.

Platform Features

Live Performance
Monitoring & Analysis

We use big data, real-time weather data, an AI algorithm to perform in-depth comparisons and anomaly detection, based on your organization’s unique KPIs for PV, wind, and storage batteries. Receive real-time fault alerts to quickly understand any gaps between your renewable energy assets’ expected and actual performance. Our single, integrated, live performance monitoring dashboard empowers you to address and resolve root-cause performance issues using ticketing and task assignments, in the nick of time.

360 CRM

Collect and utilize customer data to automatically create robust profiles for marketing, sales, and billing purposes. Our end-user interface empowers more targeted and successful customer-facing interactions. Thanks to carefully curated customer profiles, billing is a sinch, and you never have to manually update customer logs, ever again!.

Financial Visibility

Strategically plan for a more energy-efficient, sustainable, productive, and profitable future. Our platform enables you to send invoices, access business plans, ROI tracking, and more. Monitor your ROI calculations in real-time and view your revenues against your installation costs, maintenance fees, and unplanned expenses to prevent losses.

Maintenance Management

Our mobile-friendly technician interfaces and service call calendar keep all of our partners on track! Log maintenance needs by type and O&M or technician profiles. We provide a calendar view of all service calls, including planned and in-app service calls, based on your renewable energy assets’ generated insights.SLA tracking using tagging and ticketing ensures no call goes unanswered, and no service need is unmet!
Remote Vendor Connectors
Now, you can easily onboard and connect all your renewable assets’ data sources. Our vendor-agnostic platform allows you to manage different systems from a variety of vendors. Perform normalized comparisons between different-sized systems from different manufacturers, using zero hardware for unmatched results.
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Storage Tracking & Visibility
Perform deep analyses on your energy storage data to understand exactly how much energy each of your digital assets consumes. Our solution empowers organizations to reduce ghost consumption and detect anomalies, for better-balanced energy usage, and unmatched savings.

Our Features Include

Remote Vendor Connectors
Live Monitoring & Analysis
Maintenance Management
Real-Time Alerts & Insights
Data Storage
Storage Tracking & Visibility
360 CRM
3rd Party Integrations
Automated Invoicing
Financial Visibility
Consumption Monitoring & Visibility
White Labeled End-User Interfaces