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What We Offer

Live Performance Monitoring

Production monitoring on system, inverter, and string levels that leverages deep tech, big data, AI, and ML algorithms to generate actionable insights comparing your renewable energy assets’ performance, and alert on any anomalies.

360-Degree CRM

Collect and utilize data on your customers to automatically create robust profiles for marketing, sales, and billing purposes

Financial Visibility

Strategically plan for a more energy efficient, sustainable, productive, and profitable future. Access business plans, cash flow & ROI tracking, utility invoices, and more.

Maintenance Management

Preventative and corrective maintenance solutions that leverage limited visibility profiles and SLA tracking to plan in-app service calls and in-person maintenance calls.

The Operating System for Renewable Energy

Enhancing performance based on enSights is a breeze
Scale faster and manage your cross-vendor assets from anywhere in the world
Powerful data collection, storage, and analysis capabilities
Automate and optimize your portfolio management using one centralized platform
Dynamic storage management. know when you charge, export, and produce
enSights is your centralized view into the status and needs of your renewable energy assets. Collect, store, and learn from your digital assets in a single, centralized place, using the latest real-time monitoring and machine learning algorithms, to optimize your performance and reduce consumption, at scale.

Case Studies

Reduced Monitoring Team By 66%

By applying live performance monitoring on a centralized platform that tracks maintenance calls and SLAs, Ensights leveraged real-time alerts, insights, and automatic reports to reduce the need for 6 of the original 9 team members.

Onboarded 10 Years Of Data In 1 Week

The enSights team provided the client with direct connections with vendors, easy, fast onboarding, and powerful data processing capabilities to enable 530 managed assets collected over the span of a decade to be onboarded and saved in just one week.

Saved $140K & 120 Kg Of CO₂ Emissions

enSights was able to efficiently detect malfunctions in the client’s facility, compare components’ performance, enhance their corrective maintenance cycle, and provide preventative maintenance guidance, resulting in 15% savings on 2.2 Mw system, in just 6 months!
Using enSights’ platform, we can optimize our production while effectively managing our hundreds of assets and achieve both operation excellence and profitable growth.

We're Proud of Our Metrics

6.2 K
Assets Managed So Far
1.2 GWp
Installed Capacity
10045 TWh
Energy Generated So Far


enSights was founded as Solarview in 2021 by entrepreneurs, Alon, Roy, and Dekel, who wanted to harness their years of experience working in the industry to develop and provide their clients with the most effective energy optimization technology to meet their renewable energy portfolio management needs, thereby filling a clear void in the market.

The SaaS technology company has since strategized, conceived, and created a centralized monitoring and asset management platform that seamlessly integrates into any organization’s existing meters. enSights uses AI and ML algorithms to optimize renewable energy assets’ efficiency and productivity, providing real-time operational, maintenance, and financial visibility into all connected assets. In short, we provide endless energy insights for more effective renewable energy use.

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